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Prince George is honestly such a blessing

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"Kate has become more than just her husband’s wife, and is forging ahead into the future, impressing all those she works with, thanks to her scrupulous attention to detail, her natural warmth, empathy and dedication. Even before she entered royal life, she was drawn to the support of vulnerable children and has also shown that she is willing to confront the more ‘raw, ugly, dirty and difficult’ issues such as addiction. For their wedding day, she and William wrote a prayer that they recited in their vows, which included the line ‘Help us serve and comfort those who suffer’, and with this pledge it is clear how they see their role in the future of the royal family."

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(•‿•) 10/ ∞ The Wales Family

Diana drove away Charles and Harry to her Jaguar

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The Duchess of Cambridge: gown appearances  

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